Academic Students going to UIL Regionals!!!

Mar 27, 2017

RRHS students participated in UIL District Academic competion this week. Results are as follows:

Accounting coached by Eric Chaverria

  • 1st           Rohan Mathew (Region)
  • 2nd          Zachary Spelce (Region)
  • 3rd           Sheryl Lawrence (Region)
  • 4th           Alan Bily (Region)
  • 1st—TEAM


Calculator coached by Yon Kim

4th           Tianyu Liang (alternate)


Computer Applications coached by Melissa Thomas

  • 2nd          Elizabeth Chen (Region)
  • 3rd           Sheryl Lawrence (Region)
  • 4th           Zachary Ortiz (alternate)


Computer Science coached by Justin May

  • 2nd          Kenny Tang (Region)
  • 6th           Vasu Jogani
  • 3rd—TEAM


Current Issues & Events coached by Ben Rolofson

1st           Noah Zunker (Region)


Literary Criticism coached by Roy Smith

  • 6th           Thanvi Thodati
  • 2nd—TEAM


Mathematics coached by Janet Sanders

3rd           Tianyu Liang (Region)


Number Sense coached by Claudia Aguilera

  • 3rd           Tianyu Liang (Region)
  • 3rd           Sai Palepu (Region)
  • 2nd—TEAM


Ready Writing coached by Kelle Spinn

6th           Peyton Daniels


Lincoln-Douglas Debate

2nd          Sreya Gandra (Region)


Please congratulate these students and their coaches.  Wish them well at Region in 2 weeks.