Band Success!

May 30, 2017

Below are the band results from the recent Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest held over the weekend here in Austin. Congratulations to these students on their excellent results!!

TSSEC Results

  • Brandon Do Alto Saxophone Gold
  • Nikita Valmiki Baritone Saxophone Gold
  • Samuel Spidle B-Flat Clarinet Gold
  • Pirotina white Flute Gold
  • Lindsey Bone Flute Gold
  • Rebecca Lee Flute Gold
  • Lindsey Bone Flute Trio Gold
  • Kyle Bell French Horn Gold
  • Simran Shah French Horn Gold
  • Eric Paredes Keyboard Percussion Gold
  • Katie Caldera Keyboard Percussion Gold
  • Melia Fox Keyboard Percussion Gold
  • Nathan Stansbury Keyboard Percussion Gold
  • Alex Bonamo Saxophone Quartet Gold
  • Parker Bell Saxophone Quartet Gold
  • Matthew Harvill Snare Drum Gold
  • Brandon Marquez Tenor Saxophone Gold
  • Josie Linson Twirling Gold
  • McKenzie Gomez Twirling Gold
  • Bennett Cassidy Woodwind Quintet Gold
  • Alex Bonamo Alto Saxophone Silver
  • Blake Smith Alto Saxophone Silver
  • David Tang Alto Saxophone Silver
  • Govind Joshi Alto Saxophone Silver
  • Joshua Duty Bass Trombone Silver
  • Chase Drake Euphonium Silver
  • Brynna Justice Flute Silver
  • Srishan Iyengar Flute Silver
  • Emory Blair Flute Choir Silver
  • Kyle Bell French Horn Quartet Silver
  • alexis Bessner Keyboard Percussion Silver
  • Ayden Machajewski Keyboard Percussion Silver
  • Miles Crain Keyboard Percussion Silver
  • Samuel Shipman Keyboard Percussion Silver
  • Brandon Do Saxophone Quartet Silver
  • Brandon Bowen Snare Drum Silver
  • Carson Jones Snare Drum Silver
  • Mattie Calhoun Trumpet Silver
  • Christian Garcia Tuba Silver
  • Mikayla Kurkjian Alto Saxophone Bronze
  • Andrew Ragland Euphonium Bronze
  • Elena House Keyboard Percussion Bronze
  • Spencer Singh Keyboard Percussion Bronze
  • Ashton Landt Tenor Trombone Bronze
  • Luke Rieger Trumpet Bronze

Percussion Concert​:​

Spring Concert:​

All State Senior’s Concert:​