XC Success: St. Andrews Invitational

Sep 11, 2017

This past Saturday at the St. Andrews XC Invitational, the sun was shining on our teams as they brought home 2nd overall Varsity and first overall JV.
Varsity boys team leader Kobe Yepez battled out a solid 2nd overall finish to help secure our boys varsity team 2nd overall. The breakaway group he finished in led the race, all taking turns pushing the pace and were almost 20 seconds off the front for the entire last mile. As you can see by perusing the results below, the 2nd overall was a team effort with most of the boys achieving personal records (PR) on a tough 5k course. Jacob Reynolds also took a medal finishing 14th overall.
The JV boys team was led to an overall win by a solo charge off the front of the pack by our very own Dominic Vargas.  He threw down a Herculean effort leaving the leaders to chase and time trialed in to break the tape 9 seconds ahead of the next finisher.  Following Dominic in a definitive pack were Ruben Estrada (7th), Theo Phocas (8th), Blake Belisle (12th), Ethan Cummings (13th), Spencer Phelps (14th), Joseph Bjarnason (15th) and Matt Chimmitt (16th).


Kobe Yepez 16:01.9
Jacob Reynolds 16:52.3 PR
Andrew Fanous 17:00.4
Hayden Gray 17:10.2 PR
Zachary Driscoll 17:19.7 PR
Robert Graves 17:28.2 PR
Andrew Neidig 17:38.0 PR
Tyler Duke 17:42.5 PR
Carl Patrick Shaulis 17:45.0 PR
Erin Brophy 17:49.1



Dominic Vargas 18:00.7 PR Max Giese 19:46.3
Christopher Tan 18:29.2 Clark Ansley 19:57.1
Ruben Estrada 18:31.4 Miles Laubenstein 20:14.0 PR
Theodoros Phocas 18:34.5 Brandon Graves 20:17.2
Blake Belisle 18:44.5 Brett Porter 20:29.1 PR
Ethan Cummings 18:44.7 Saahir Janmohamed 20:31.2 PR
Spencer Phelps 18:58.8 Ian Anthony 20:37.7
Joseph Bjarnason 18:58.8 PR Alexander Beardsley 20:43.5
9Matthew Chimitt 18:59.2 PR Michael Emperador 21:06.7
Larry Ray Davila III 19:18.3 PR Wesley Nutt 21:21.0
Drew Albright 19:19.6 Caleb Carbonell 21:22.0
Jaylen Lee 19:23.7 Jacob Hayes 21:40.4
Calon Lamb 19:29.2 PR Brett Adcock 21:51.1
Sebastian Martinez 19:33.2 PR Cole Mooney 21:52.9
Elijah Morrison 19:36.5 PR Jarod Bruns 21:57.4
Jacob Lewis 19:39.7 Evan Staggs 22:41.0
Grayson McHenry 19:42.8 PR

Be sure to congratulate these Dragons!