Round Rock Learning Community Forum – Nov. 14

Nov 13, 2017

Dear Round Round Learning Community Family,

Our first Round Rock Learning Community Forum took place on Thursday, Sept. 28, involving 32 participants representing 10 of our 13 schools.  We discussed points of pride, areas of concern, and ideas for improvement regarding facilities, learning experiences and communication.  The notes captured from our meeting can be found here. The various colored “dots” indicated a higher level of importance to our community (red: 1, yellow: 2, and green: 3).

In response to your feedback, our next forum will have one main session and then participants will have options to choose two of four breakout sessions. Each breakout session is directly related to a high area of concern for our community and will include a 10 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute discussion.

Round Rock Learning Community Forum

Tuesday, Nov. 14  7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Cedar Valley Middle School Cafeteria, 8139 Racine Trail, Austin, TX 78717


I.    Welcome & Introductions

II.   District Strategic Plan update & discussion

III.  Breakout Sessions – Choose two of the four to attend:

  • Current portable status in our community

  • Getting the most out of our District web site

  • Textbooks  – utilization and access

  • Boundaries – process, policy, and practice

Download and print agenda

I realize we are all very busy. If this time and date does not work for you, please know there will be multiple opportunities for us to come together in the future.

Looking forward to the continued dialogue,

Carla Amacher

Area Superintendent, Round Rock Learning Community