TAFE Success!

Nov 14, 2017

This past Saturday TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) competed at regionals. They brought their best forward and were successful! The following students will be competing at the TAFE State Competition in February:

Blue Ribbons in Bulletin Board
  • Sarah Barrera
  • Nicole Tank an Elizabeth Hobdy
  • Christy Slape and Brooke Plumlee
Blue Ribbon in Chapter Scrapbook
Lea Castillo and Kristen Murray
Blue Ribbon in Project Visualize:
Hannah Eisenberg and Jalya Allen
  • 2nd Place in Creative Lecture–Alexia Kaley
  • 1st Place in Impromptu Speaking–Hannah Eisenberg
  • 4th Place in Children’s Literature Pre-K–Elizabeth Hobdy
  • 3rd Place in Job Interview–Elizabeth Hobdy
  • 2nd Place in Ethical Dilemma–Gwen Nguyen 
  • 2nd Place in Differentiated Lesson–Alexia Kaley
  • 1st Place in Educator’s Rising Moment–Hannah Eisenberg
  • 2nd Place in Educator’s Rising Moment– Jayla Allen

To top it all off Hannah Eisenberg ran for a regional officer position and was elected President of Region 13! 

Be sure to congratulate these Dragons!