ONZ Apparel: Supporting Haiti with Every Shirt Sold

ONZ, which means eleven in Haitian Creole, is a company started by eleven students at Round Rock High School who are focused on making a difference in the ongoing struggle in Haiti. After the catastrophic earthquake of 2010 and the disaster caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Haiti has not fully recovered due to issues with governing and other aspects. Even though attempts to help have been made by various world organizations, Haiti still has a long way to go until its people can realize full recovery and good standards of living.  This group of students has chosen to support Haiti because they noted the relief and support shown towards the Hurricane victims in Houston and Florida and felt that Haiti was not being shown the same support for its natural disasters.

Pricing the shirts at $20, ONZ has found a way to create a simple yet stylish shirt with multiple colors and all sizes available. Company lead Nick Starich had a few things to say about the company and the goals these individuals have set for themselves.

“My team is working tirelessly every day to make sure that Haiti is not forgotten. With every shirt sold, we are donating money and generating awareness to their unfortunate situation. We plan to sell at least 1,000 shirts by February and gain support from people all over who share the same urge to do good.”

ONZ has executed success through the following:

  • Selling their first 50 shirts in the first week of availability
  • Conveying their message of Haitian relief on social media, within their families and also in classrooms
  • Reaching out to local organizations about support and promotion for their growing business

For every shirt ONZ sells, ten percent of the profits will be donated to the Hope Rising Foundation–an organization based in Fort Smith, Arkansas that funds community projects in Haiti such as building facilities that will lead to homes to care for the orphaned and abandoned children of Haiti and countless other projects to make the community better.


To purchase your shirt, visit weareonz.xyz