Reminder: SAT TESTING for RRISD Juniors on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The SAT Exam will be administered to all 11th grade students at Round Rock High School, free of charge. The exam be administered during the first 3 class periods of the day on Wednesday, March  7, 2018. Testing will begin promptly at 9:05 AM and will take place in the 1200 building. It is important for students to arrive 15 minutes before the exam begins to find their testing classroom. Student testing room locations will be posted in the 100 building Student Center, 1100 Cafeteria, 1100 bus hallway and the 1200 building foyer.


Attendance: After the exam, students will attend their 4th period class. Any absence from 4th period will count against exemptions and attendance. If you are checking your student out tomorrow, please use the 1200 Main Office located at 201 Deep Wood Drive.


The SAT measures critical reading, math problem-solving and writing skills developed over many years. Students may request to have their scores sent to the colleges of their choice.  A “SAT School Day Student Guide” is provided here for students so they know what to expect on test day.

Students are encouraged to bring their own calculator to use on one of the math sections of the SAT.  Click on the link for a list of approved calculators and the policy:

A calculator is not required, but highly recommended.

A snack will be provided for students during the exam. Students may bring a ‘non-messy’ snack as well.

If you have any questions about the SAT School Day Exam, please contact Tina Moreland