Fall 2018 Dragon Duel Results!

Dec 11, 2018

Yesterday, a team of intrepid faculty members faced off against the students of the RRHS Quiz Bowl team in a match that lasted for almost all of 7th period in the library. The score yo-yo’d back and forth quite a bit, but in the end the teachers defeated the students 595 to 565!

Special thanks to DragonLibrary for hosting, to Sarah Park for cheerleading, and to the following faculty members for playing!
  • Dawn Dickerson
  • Susana Fletcher
  • Tiffanie Harrison
  • Travis McKinney
  • Cara Beth Nichols
  • Sara Pavone
  • Christina Taylor
Thank you also to the other teachers who volunteered to play, but were unable to because of scheduling. We hope to make this an event every semester, so we can try again! Go Rock!