AMAZING Art success again!

Please congratulate the following students for their performance in the 19th annual Round Rock ISD Secondary Art Show, titled “Feast for the Eyes.” This is a juried show, and these students shined like the superstars they are!

The show is currently on view during school hours at the Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Arts Center, near McNeil High School, through Wednesday, May 15, 2019. On the final day, there will be an award show at 8:00 PM for the district award winners.

Our winners are listed below:
Michelle Alex: Honorable Mention – Division 4 Painting
Brynn Amacher: Honorable Mention – Division 3 Drawing, black and white
Tyler Betts: Second Place – Division 4 Sculpture
Brooke Butler: Honorable Mention – Division 5 Ceramics
Ahanni Cantu: Second Place – Division 4 Ceramics
Aren Castro:
  • Third Place – Division 4 Mixed Media
  • Second Place – Division 4 Watercolor
Zachary Cochran: Honorable Mention – Division 6 Mixed Media
Cecilia Deleon: Honorable Mention – Division 5 Painting
Kendal Faucett: Third Place – Division 5 Photography
Valeria Gonzalez: Second Place Р Division 4 Painting
Sloan Karabin: Second Place – Division 4 Photography
Ishani Kullami: Honorable Mention – Division 4 Photography
Emma Hoskins: Honorable Mention – Division 4 Sculpture
Kristen McCullough: First Place – Division 5 Photography
Caitlyn Musil: Honorable Mention – Division 5 Painting
Amanda Nino: First Place – Division 5 Painting
Nhi Pham: First Place- Division 3 Digital Arts
Megan Rosipal: Third Place – Division 3 Sculpture
Samantha Salazar:
  • Honorable Mention – Division 6 Color Drawing
  • First Place – Division 4 Photography
Sophie Stephan: Third Place – Division 4 Photography
Elizabeth Stephen: Honorable Mention – Division 5 Photography
Dylan Wiggins: Second Place РDivision 5  Photography
Violet Wong: Honorable Mention- Division 5 Color Drawing