Theatre Success

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, RRHS Theatre proudly presented its first children’s show in several years, “Androcles and the Lion,” to over a thousand third grade students from the feeder elementary schools. Please congratulate these Dragons on their hard work as they made a big difference for the children of our district. 

  •  Abigail Bensman                               
  • Zach Moser
  • Marian Hatch
  • Sam Davis
  • Daniel Konatham
  • Haley Hall
  • Gwen Martin
  • Aeden Perryman
  • Jenna Cook
  • Abhinav Nallam
  • Joshua Simmons
  • Lindsey Snowden
  • Emma Thomas
  • Snigdha Vasiraju
  • Ethan Wenthe
  • Connor Yesh