Request Additional Graduation Tickets

Attention Seniors and Senior Parents:
You should have received a letter a couple of weeks ago through your email explaining basic information regarding graduation ceremony tickets.  If you did not receive the letter, you can see a copy of it here.
Excerpt from the letter regarding requesting additional tickets:
Between November 11-22, families may submit a request for additional graduation tickets through an online request form. Please note – additional graduation tickets are not guaranteed. If by the deadline of November 22 we are able to fill your ticket requests, you will be notified. If the campus has a shortfall, all requests will be subject to a random selection process. All families will be notified by December 6 if their request for extra tickets was approved.
RRHS Process:
The link to request extra graduation tickets for the RRHS 2020 Graduation Ceremony will be posted on our campus website, posted on the district website, and sent to parent and student email accounts.  The link will be available beginning November 11, 2019.
During the first round of requests for extra tickets, each senior ID can be used to request 1 or 2 additional tickets.  If tickets are still available, we will communicate how the remainder will be distributed. 
Questions can be sent to
Commonly asked questions:
Can we rent a box at the HEB Center?  
*  RRISD and RRHS do not have access to the private boxes at the HEB Center.
Does my student count as one of the 6 tickets?
*  No, your student does not require a ticket.  S/He will enter HEB center as a group.