2020 Yearbook Distribution

Students and parents are invited to pick up the 2020 yearbooks on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. To make things as smooth as possible and to eliminate traffic congestion, please help us by doing a few things:

Before Distribution:

Step 1: Check the following list of purchased books to make sure your student’s name is on it.

Step 2:

If your name is on the list…

  • Make note if you have a personalized or non- personalized book.
  • We will double-check this information on the day of distribution.

If you think you purchased a book, but your name is NOT on the list…

  • Confirm that your check cleared the bank.
  • If it did, please email a copy of the check to the adviser at sharon_kubicek@roundrockisd.org.
  • She will make sure the situation is corrected.
  • Occasionally, orders in first day packets do not make it to the yearbook room.

If you would like to purchase a book and haven’t already made an arrangement…

  • Email the adviser at sharon_kubicek@roundrockisd.org.
  • There are approximately 20 books available to sell.
  • Books will be $85 and must be paid for in cash on the day of distribution.

Please Note: 

You must make prior arrangements with the adviser to purchase a book. We will not have any other books available on the day of distribution to prevent people from waiting in lines and not having a book for you.

Distribution Day:

Step 1: Please come at your scheduled time:

Time Last names that start with letters …
 9:00 – 10:00 AM  A – F
10:00 – 11:00 AM F – L
11:00 AM – Noon M – R
Noon – 1:00 PM S – Z

Step 2: Print your last name on a white piece of paper and place it either on your front passenger dash or taped to the passenger window (once you enter the parking lot).

Step 3: Enter the student parking lot from Deep Wood drive (see map).

  • You will proceed through the bus loop toward the front of the school where you will check in and double-check your purchase status.
  • From there, you will be directed to one of two areas to pick up your book.

Step 4: Roll down your back passenger window. Your book will be placed in the back seat.

Step 5: Exit the campus, and enjoy your book.

Any books not picked up on this day may be picked up when school resumes in the fall.

Thank you for your patience in this difficult time. Books were delayed due to the plant running on reduced personnel. Students also had to finish the book remotely. While we make every effort to avoid mistakes, please understand this is a student publication. If you need to contact the adviser, you may do so at sharon_kubicek@roundrockisd.org.