RRHS Parking: 2020-2021

RRHS created a plan for parking permit registration and pick-up to happen in late July and early August.  Over the summer, our campus parking lots are being repaved and parking spots are being renumbered.  Juniors and Seniors will be able to register online for parking permits from July 22 through July 26.  Student responses will then be randomized for equity, and students will be notified via their student emails on July 27 of when they can come to RRHS to complete the registration process and submit payment.

Dates to Keep in Mind:
  • July 22 to July 26 – Online registration opens for Juniors and Seniors.
  • July 27 – Students notified of when to come to campus to complete the registration process and submit payment.  Parking permits are $50 for the year.  Senior reserved parking spots are $100 for the year (this includes the campus parking permit).
  • July 29 to July 31 – Reserved Parking spaces sold to Seniors at RRHS
    • August 1 to August 9 – Seniors can paint their reserved spaces.
  • August 3 to August 6 – General Parking Permits sold to Juniors and Seniors
As we get closer to the dates, look for more information.  Additionally, you can always keep up to date by checking RRHSParking Information Updates page.