October 19-December 17, 2020 Instructional Choice Survey

The survey to update your student’s instructional choice for October 19-December 17, 2020 opened on October 1. We are asking for this survey to be completed for all students even if you are not planning to change.  This information will help us prepare the best learning environment.  Those who do not respond to the survey will continue in their same learning environment. The survey will close on October 7, 2020.

Please submit the survey only once for each student.  If there are multiple responses for a student, the last response will be used.  If you would like to change any of your selections during the survey window, please email Anne Roberts (anne_roberts@roundrockisd.org) with your updates.

The link for the survey can be found here.

La versión en español de la encuesta se puede encontrar aquí.