Varsity Tennis Pflugerville Tournament Success

Feb 7, 2018

Another strong performance by the Varsity Tennis Team.


The following players medaled in the Pflugerville Varsity Tournament.

  • A Boys Doubles: Read Xia/Matthew Zipperer 2nd place
  • B Boys Doubles: Reese Graves/David Tang 2nd place
  • A Girls Doubles: Ramitha Irrinki/Gracelyn King 2nd place
  • B Girls Doubles: Sarah Dall’Orso/Caroline High 1st place
  • A Mixed Doubles: Arjun Bellamkonda/Neha Irrinki Consolation Champs
  • B Mixed Doubles: Matthew Esquell/Olivia Richert 1st place
  • B Boys Singles: Jack Davidson 1st place
  • B Girls Singles: Sierra Giesen-Linssen 1st place
Please congratulate these Dragons when you see them around school!