Julia Lepine

Attendance Prearranged Early Release

With the exception of Exam Week, ALL prearranged early release requests are handled in the Student Alpha Offices. During EXAMs , there will be no prearranged early release.

  • Parents/Guardians signing their student out of school, can sign their student out at  the 1200 Main Office located off Deep Wood Drive. Phone calls and faxes are not accepted for early pickups. Student safety is a top concern and these forms of communication do not meet the standard for us to verify guardianship.

  • Parents/Guardians who wish to expedite the process of signing their students out of school can send a note or email 48 hours in advance to their alpha office administrative assistant (listed below).  This gives us an opportunity to contact you, the parent/guardian, and verify guardianship. In your note, give student’s name, grade level, id#, a daytime phone number, the date, time to be released.

Student Alpha Offices:

  • 140 Office  |  Vee Barrera  |  Administrative Assistant A-Cor  |  464-6230
  • 135 Office  |  Kristi Rape’  |  Administrative Assistant Cos-For  |  464-6012
  • 135 Office  |  Cristina Olague  |  Administrative Assistant Fos-Har  |  464-6044
  • 700 Office  |  Melinda Sanchez  |  Administrative Assistant Has-Kee  |  464-6022
  • 1509 Office  |  Doris Shuey  |  Administrative Assistant Kei-Mur  |  464-6106
  • 1419 Office  |  Kris Train  |  Administrative Assistant Mus-Sel  |  464-6056
  • 1319 Office  |  Akilah Smith  |  Administrative Assistant Sen-Z  |  464-6061