headshot of anne barnett
Anne Barnett
headshot of shana corbiere
Shana Corbiere
Facilities Coordinator - Office Specialist
Maria Hernandez
Administrative Associate to Head Principal
headshot of julie nunez
Julie Nuñez
Administrative Associate to Associate Principal
Lorena Ruhlen
Vee Barrera
Administrative Assistant A - Cor
headshot of kristi rapé
Kristi Rapé
Administrative Assistant Craw-Fram
headshot of cristina olague
Cristina Olague
Administrative Assistant Fran-Hav
headshot of melinda sanchez
Melinda Sanchez
Administrative Assistant Nam-Sha
Doris Shuey
Administrative Assistant, Ker - Nal
Kayla Trevino
Administrative Assistant Haw-Kep
headshot of akilah smith
Akilah Smith
Administrative Assistant She-Tuf
Stacey Dry
Substitute and Textbook Coordinator
Connie Garza
Parking Lot Security & Hall Monitor
Michael Russell
Parking Lot Security & Hall Monitor