2018 Mu Alpha Theta Convention

Jul 23, 2018

Annie Wang, Anastasia Jerman, and Rebecca Lee of Round Rock High
School, along with sponsor Mrs. Sanders, attended the 48 th annual Mu Alpha
Theta National Convention held in Colorado Springs, Colorado July 8 – 13,
2018. The students participated in several contests, including the open
mixer that required a team from all different schools to solve a series of
puzzles; plus tests on calculus topics, the interschool contest and the poster

The Mu Alpha Theta national convention was about much more than
competition. It was a great way to make new friends and connect with
people from different states. The students were treated to interesting
presentations from speakers from the United States Air Force Academy.
Even if testing wasn’t your thing, it was hard not to have fun at the

Annie, Anastasia, Rebecca, and Mrs. Sanders went on two different outings
to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park near Canon City, Colorado and The
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They had fun walking
across the Royal Gorge bridge as well as traveling across the gorge in
gondolas that allowed a 360 degree view of the suspension bridge, the
Arkansas River, and the surrounding area. The Garden of the Gods is an
amazing and beautiful set of rock formations at the foot of Pikes Peak
caused by two tectonic plates colliding and forcing the rocks vertical and
then becoming visible after the surrounding softer rock eroded.

As our delegate, Annie Wang said, “The Mu Alpha Theta National Math
Convention was a fun and educational experience. I was able to meet people
that shared my interests, learn about real world applications of math, and
enjoy the scenic views of Colorado. The trip was fantastic, and I am grateful
that I had the opportunity to attend.”
It was a trip that they will long remember fondly.